6 Reasons why you should have Leather Sandals in your Closet

Throughout the years, we have all witnessed various footwear trends: artsy clogs, boat shoes, foam sandals, summer camp sandals, classic flip flops and now Yeezy slides. Some of them have affected us so much that we raise our eyebrows or even cause us to react with an open mouth in disbelief. You may even wonder why anyone would dare leave the safety of his or her home to parade in certain footwear in public.

Nonetheless, one type of footwear that is exquisite and which has withstood the test of time is uniquely crafted leather sandals.

Here are six reasons why you should have this footwear staple in your closet.

1. Luxurious and stylish

Leather sandals can be worn with various outfits. Whether it is beachwear complemented with sarongs or kimonos, to jeans or elegantly casual dresses, leather sandals make you look stylish whatever your attire.

2. Eco Friendly

In this era, the main thrust in manufacturing and designing is to choose environmental friendly materials. Leather is a natural material. On the other hand, synthetic materials pollute the environment because of harmful gases that are emitted during the production process.

3. Supportive

Leather sandals adjust to the shape of the wearer’s feet. They fit like moulds so the more you wear them, the more the material adapts to the shape of your feet.

4. Comfortable and Durable

Leather sandals are extremely comfortable to wear. It eases the pain for individuals with foot problems such as blisters, calluses, and corns, etc.
Leather sandals are also durable and last longer than sandals made from synthetics.

5. Lightweight

Have you ever been so tired that even your shoe weight feels like you are wearing bricks? Leather sandals are light and manageable to wear. They are a perfect choice.

6. Can be cleaned easily

Whether wet or dry, leather sandals are easy to clean and maintain, more so than other types of footwear. Additionally, because of the type of material, it is less likely for bacteria to build up.

You can buff out scratches or marks, or polish them. Water spot stains can be remedied with a bit of vinegar and water. Dish liquid or liquid hand soap can work to erase stains. Do not use soap as it will dry out the leather. For huge stains a leather conditioner can be used.

When wet ensure that your sandals are properly dried by natural light. Avoid placing them directly in the sun to prevent cracking.

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